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Self Pack Container Removal Tips

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Here are some simple Container Packing Tips to help make your move a successful one

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Anglia Container Services provides quality self-pack container removals for customers relocating within Australia.

One of the biggest concerns expressed by customers when considering our self load removal service, is the protection of their possessions from damage during the removal. It is obviously very important that you do everything possible to protect your possessions from damage or loss during the packing and loading process. The simple answer to this concern is smart packing and smart loading.

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Packing Small Items

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  • If it will fit into a box, put it in a box
  • If it is potentially breakable, make sure that it is wrapped separately and that a padded barrier of crushed paper is placed between it, other items and the sides of the box
  • Each box should be full (but not over full) when you seal it. Use crushed paper to fill it if you have to
  • Heavy items go into small boxes and light items go into any box
  • Always think ‘heavy to the bottom and light to the top’ when packing or stacking boxes
  • If you can’t easily lift and carry a box, it is too heavy and may burst and damage the contents or it may even hurt you while you are carrying it
  • Never interlock the flaps on boxes. Always seal boxes with opposite side flaps folded toward each other so that the box will sit flat and be stable when stacked
  • Never list the contents of a box on the box. Give it a number and keep a separate list of the contents of each box
  • Have one box marked 'Priority' containing those things that you will need first, i.e. bed legs, TV remote, kettle and tea/coffee making items and load it last so that it is unloaded first

Loading Larger Furniture Items

Moving large furnature
  • Again, heavy to the bottom and light to the top
  • If you are going to want it out first, load it last (mattresses and fridge?)
  • If it might be damp, dry it as best you can before loading. An open box of bicarbonate of soda taped inside the fridge and washing machine will help to absorb moisture and soak up smells. Use a rolled tea towel to wedge the fridge door slightly open and ‘aired’ during transit
  • There is less chance of damage or soiling to soft furnishings if you place them inside plastic furniture covers before loading
  • Polished wooden furniture, white goods and anything that can’t be packed into a box should be wrapped in blankets and packed tightly together so as to avoid movement during transit
  • Use the multiple tie off points in your container to regularly tie the load back while loading. Where possible use flat webbing straps to tie the load off rather than rope which can score furniture
  • Use your mattresses to protect your white goods during transit
  • Remember, if the load is packed loosely and moves there is a chance of damage. If it doesn’t move it won’t get damaged


We encourage all clients to call us for advice if they have any concerns during the packing or loading of their possessions.
We are here to help!